Highly Ambitious, Thoughtful and Bespoke Quality:
EBBA have been recognised for delivering thoughtful projects across diverse scales and sectors bringing value and creative direction through a design-driven and experimental process. We have a track record of constructing unique spatial environments for galleries, art and cultural institutions, communities and private clients with experience of guiding projects through all stages including planning, sourcing and construction.

Tailored Process
We strongly believe that great architecture and quality design is the result of a good client relationship. We approach each project individually to develop a unique story and a result that reflects the shared interests and values of the people that will use them. Our collaborative research-led way of working encompasses a network of artists, makers and fabrication specialists who support projects in a continual search for particular spatial and material qualities.

Bespoke Commissions
In addition to the design and construction of architectural projects we have been recognised for delivering furniture and installations. We are able to assist with bespoke commissions upon request. If you have a project you would like to discuss we can arrange a virtual consultation or appointment.